The Senate Practical Joke (We Hope) Continues...

Jeff's ego got a little bit bruised in Publix yesterday
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Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Game

The Jeff & Jenn Show plays a couple rounds of Jimmy Fallon's fav new lip-reading game
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And The Grammy Trip Goes To....

We called our lucky winner to let her know she won a trip to The Grammy's and she ended up surprising us too.
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Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Seasons?

When Jeff's wife Callie told him she's rewatched the entire Gossip Girl series a few times he couldn't understand why anyone would rewatch entire series they've already seen. Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Series?
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Jeff and Jenn's 100th Episode - We Get YOUR Suggestions!

It's our 100th show anniversary today, yay! So, naturally we wanted to hear YOUR feedback - we'll call it Feedback Friday. Jeff set up an anonymous suggestion portal so you could tell us what you love, what you don't love, what we can do to improve the show, and some of you told us what you hate...
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