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Text A Friend on Jenn & Friends

Ask us Anything! Text your questions for the show to 51539.
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Group Therapy: Catching Up With Curtis

Did Curtis ever help his friends have a baby? ​With the last few months being as hectic as they've been, the show's taking time to give some updates on what people might've missed.
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Quarantine Cuisine with Jenn & friends

Our new favorite recipes to get you through the days at home.
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Vote Here: Lifetime Movies Turned Radio Segments

What if we turned Lifetime movie titles into radio segments? We just can't decide which one! All four members of the show brought one in, but we need you guys help on this one... Jenn's "Mermaid Chair" Idea: Members of the show are blindfolded, guessing foods, and answering questions while sitting...
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Name that Chicken Tune!

Play along with Jeff and Jenn!
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Name That Song!

The Jeff and Jenn show squad try (and fail) guessing pop music titles.
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Jenn's Got Jokes: Jokes for Jeannine

Jenn's got ultimate mom jokes for Jeannine. Let us know what your favorite go-to jokes are on Facebook! Jenn's Got Jokes For Jeannine
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Trashed or Toddler

Can you tell the difference between a typical toddler and a drunken adult?
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Kelly Clarkson Joins The Jeff & Jenn Show

From holidays, to parenting, to her new music, Kelly Clarkson joins Jeff & Jenn for an interview you don't want to miss.
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Congrats on the Nomination, Kelly Clarkson!

Our girl Kelly Clarkson is officially in the running for a 2018 Grammy nomination.
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