David About Town: Graduation

The time has arrived where high school students are gearing up for their graduations. For some, it is already here. For others, it will happen in the next few weeks. With these kids getting ready for their next big step, Producer David went out to find the perfect advice for what these students...
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What Teachers Make

A lot of teachers are headed back to the classroom today after a much deserved Spring Break. The countdown to summer is ON! We have a poem about teaching that might give teachers some encouragement, and it might give some of you non-teachers a little perspective on what teachers really do. The poem...
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Alli's Boyfriend Has Been Lying the ENTIRE TIME

Our listener, Alli, called into the show needing some advice. She found out her boyfriend has been lying to her the entire time they've been together. On their first date, he told her that he had a Master's Degree in Statistics. But in reality, he didn't even get an undergrad degree even though he'...
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