stephanie davis smith

COVID Parenting: How to Manage Work, Homeschool, and More

Working Mom and Atlanta VP Stephanie Davis Smith shares her expert tips on managing back-to-school stress.
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Everyday Heroes: Giving Back to Georgia Teachers

Local businesses are stepping up to help our teachers, and you can help too!
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Dr. Darria

Dr. Darria: Coronavirus and Going Back To School

Should your children be going back to school? What precautions can we take? How can we start preparing now?
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5 Word Movie Game: All Things High School

How well do you know your favorite movies? Think you can guess with just a 5 word clue?
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Everyday Heroes: The QuaranTEEN Choir

Your Everyday Hero is Logan Mosser and the musicians at Hillgrove High School, for sharing the power of music with their community!
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Your Positive Athlete: Meet Nikholas Hackett

Nikholas "The Dragon" Hackett has shown he's able to adapt, overcome, and inspire others every step of the way.
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Brock Garland

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Brock Garland

This Cherokee County student won't stop for anything, not even a shattered skull. Hear how determination and a positive outlook helped him overcome.
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Positive Athlete

Positive Athlete: Local Students Doing Great Things

These local students are proving how a positive outlook can change everything.
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Everyday Heroes: Excited About School

Mark found your good news story today!
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Teacher Takeover: West Haralson Elementary

Go Rebels!
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