Are Mark's Halloween decorations too scary?

Mark recently moved in to an older neighborhood in Smyrna, and recently put up his Halloween decorations. A short time afrter his decorations were up, Mark recieved the following letter: Mr. Owens, Welcome to Smyrna, we are excited to have you and your family in our beautiful neighborhood. We...
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When Did You Run Away?

What made you physically RUN?
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Chucky might not be so cute in this upcoming movie.

CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

He's back! Yep, That terrifying red headed doll from the 80's is ready to haunt the dreams of a new generation. Even though... the most recent Chucky movies have been BORDERLINE COMEDIES...this trailer has me thinking this might actually be a scary film. Check it out!
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UPDATE:Hanna's Haunted House

Who else still has goosebumps over Hanna's story today?! She called to say she bought a house BECAUSE it was haunted...but then things started getting way too weird.
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Jeff's Terrifying Weekend

Jeff got a front-row seat to a lightening storm on the lake this weekend!
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Bedroom Horrors

What would you do if your fiance wanted to decorate your bedroom in a horror movie theme?
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Rhyme Time: Halloween Edition

Think you can keep up with us? Play along and see if you can beat Jenn and Jeannine as they race to rhyme!
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Meet Brian, the Defender of Clowns.

After hearing a story Jenn told about the 'clown craze' going on we got a call from a guy named Brian who wanted to let us know that not all clowns are bad people. Meet Brian, the Defender of Clowns. Alrighty. Well. That was interesting.
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Kid in Bouncy House

Jenn HATES Bouncy Houses

Jenn's heading to a birthday party this weekend with her 3 year old daughter, Lauren, and there's something at the party she's not excited about - the bouncy house. That big inflatable house where kids can jump around and have fun, but it's also a place where kids could get hurt very easily. And...
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