Dr. Preston Burke

A Cat Song Request for Dr. Preston Burke

Rachel called us hoping to surprise her sister Rebekah with an awesome cat song for her awesome cat, Dr. Preston Burke. Apparantly he was once as cool and calm as the Heart Surgeon TV character he's named after, but this kitty went a little crazy once he found his forever home. Can't wait to hear...
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Kid in Bouncy House

Jenn HATES Bouncy Houses

Jenn's heading to a birthday party this weekend with her 3 year old daughter, Lauren, and there's something at the party she's not excited about - the bouncy house. That big inflatable house where kids can jump around and have fun, but it's also a place where kids could get hurt very easily. And...
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Jeff and Jenn Show Bandages

Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery and Jeff Is Freaked!

UPDATE: Our sweet Jenn came to work with bandages on her face (side note: she still looks AH-dorable) today after her minor surgery she had to remove skin cancer. Jeff's still squirming in his chair over all this surgery talk. We got the low down from Jenn's nurse, Ashley, who told us warning signs...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff is Scared for the First Dance!

Jeff is 135 days away from taking the plunge with fiancee Callie, but he's getting scared. No, not the "cold feet" kind of scared...more like two left feet kind of scared! Jeff said he's got the rhythm & grace of a dead turtle, so he is asking Jenn for advice on his first dance. Should he take...
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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: He Won't Leave the House!

Jackie's boyfriend is terrified of Friday the 13th and she just found out how terrified and superstitious he is yesterday. He's taking the day off of work so he doesn't have to go anywhere, and he even bought groceries the other day so he has food at the house. Jackie is baffled by it, she thinks...
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