I Ruined It For Everyone

David's ex ruined dating in the same apartment complex for him!
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Confess Your Crush: Carlin and David

He's got a rule that she's not gonna like...
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WTH Happened To Our Van?

The van is in ruins after a fire, but the only question is: Was this foul play?
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We See You Trollin'

It's that time again! Time to call out the trolls who ruin perfectly good social media posts. We See You Trollin 09.15.16
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Ruined Proposal

Ruined Proposal: Robert Needs Help

Robert was ready to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he was going to surprise her and had the perfect setup planned. He asked her dad to marry her and he said yes. But the dad told his wife, and she told Robert's girlfriend about the plan! UPDATE: Did Robert take Jeff's advice over the weekend and...
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