Accidental "I Love You's"

Ever been so caught up in the moment you accidentally blurt out, "I love you!" to your new-ish significant other? Accidental I Love You Part 1 Jeff swears people don't accidentally blurt things like that out. Is he right? Accidental I Love You Part 2
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It's... Complicated.

You're together but you're not together. He loves me, he loves me not. Sometimes, the only way to explain your relationship status is complicated. Its Complicated 1 Looks like Producer Jeannine isn't the only one. It's... Complicated
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Jeff & Callie's Wedding Survey

Jenn asked Jeff & Callie the same questions about how they met and when they fell in love. Lets see if they answer the questions the same or different. Round 1 had Jeff tearing up a little bit. Jeff's Wedding Survey Round 2 Callie & Jeff tell us why they want to get married. Jeff...
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Girl Flirting

Where is This Relationship Going - Danielle and Nick

Danielle and Nick have been dating on and off ever since they went to high school together, but things sometimes just didn’t feel quite right to her so right now they’re “off” and instead she came to us! Danielle says Nick’s always been such a big part of her life but needed to know if he was able...
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Piedmont Park Pokemon

David About Town: Pokemon Go MADNESS

Pokemon Go is EVERYWHERE right now, you can see people playing in droves. Whether you're at the Marietta Square, Atlantic Station, or on a college campus, it seems like every millennial is playing the game. So, Producer David went to Piedmont Park to ask people some questions about playing. He...
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Sexy Couple

Adult Breastfeeding Relationships: Is It Really a Thing?

We came across an article today that claimed a woman in Atlanta, Jennifer, quit her job to breastfeed her boyfriend, Brad...Wait, what?! This can't be true, right? Well, we did some digging and found the couple that went viral on social media this morning. Boyfriend Brad cleared the air and told us...
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