Where is This Relationship Going: With Audrey and Greg

Is Greg ready to make a real commitment? Audrey called us hoping we could help out.
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A Ghosthunting Request from Rebecca: Is Austin for Real?

Rebecca and Austin met over Spring Break and hit it off! But now they're back in separate states, what happens now?
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The Pettiest Dealbreaker Ever

Jeff's friend might end a relationship just because the guy likes to, get this, wear earbuds when he's alone...
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Where is This Relationship Going: With Steph and Mike

They've been dating for TEN YEARS and she's starting to wonder if they're ever going to take the next step..
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Lookout JP: Are Couple Tattoos Cursed?

Jenn thinks getting matching tattoos dooms your relationship
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A Serial Monogamist Needs Our Help

A woman is about to move in with her new boyfriend she met only 3 months ago the night of her divorce, and her friend doesn't know what to do!
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Where Is this Relationship Going

Where Is This Relationship Going: Morgan and Joshua

Evelyn is afraid her freind Morgan is going to bounce from a great relationship. She wants Jeff and Jenn to warn Morgan's boyfriend Joshua! We called Joshua to see if he's ready to take the next step. What did Evelyn think of his answer? Did Evelyn just play us? Our callers think so...
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Where is This Relationship Going

Where is This Relationship Going: Dana and Adam

Dana's getting antsy, she's been "dating" theis guy Adam for years now and she's just wondering, could this become something more? And now we get to hear from Adam, all their friends say to go for it but what's on his mind? He says it's "complicated". Well that's one way to put it. Let's hear how...
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Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave

Jeff's worried his brother, Big Dave, has fallen for a woman who is scamming him & putting him in danger. Big Dave is planning on flying to the Philippines & meeting her face to face for the first time in a couple weeks. Jeff wants to make sure he's safe and wants to know if there are any...
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Jessie & Drew

We talked to Jessie who has been dating a guy named Drew for 6 months. She told us about their arrangement & we weren't really sure what to think. WITRG Jessie and Drew Part 1 We talked to Drew to see if he was interested in more of a monogamous relationship with Jessie. WITRG Jessie and Drew...
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