Cheating Couple

Where is This Relationship Going: Chloe Wants to Know Daniel's Intentions

Chloe adores her sister and her sister's boyfriend, but she is worried that he may be wasting her sister time. They’ve been together for five years, and her sister seems to be head over heels for Daniel. But, Chloe wants to know what the hold up on marriage is. Where is This Relationship Going:...
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Name Tag

Rebound Rachels and Mean Megans: What Name is on Your Blacklist?

Jenn and Producer Kelly gave Jeff the low down on the names that make them cringe. Producer Kelly said she HATES the name Rachel because two of her ex's both cheated with Rachels. Names You Hate Listeners called in and gave us the names that are forever tainted in their brain, too! Callers Give...
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