Jeff & Callie's Wedding Survey

Jenn asked Jeff & Callie the same questions about how they met and when they fell in love. Lets see if they answer the questions the same or different. Round 1 had Jeff tearing up a little bit. Jeff's Wedding Survey Round 2 Callie & Jeff tell us why they want to get married. Jeff'...
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Jeff and Jenn Show and Chilli

Who Knows Music Better: Jeff, Jenn, or Chilli from TLC?

TLC’s Chilli played When the Beat Stops with Jeff and Jenn, and she had to show how much music knowledge she really has! Chilli has also partnered with Macy’s for their upcoming health and wellness-focused event entitled #GoYou. You can hang out with her at the event this Saturday, April 23, 2016...
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 18, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. Jenn had taken a quiz online to see which Real Housewife of Atlanta castmember she is, and the quiz said she was most like NeNe Leakes! So, she asked Jeff and David the same questions she had to answer to see their results to the quiz!...
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