The Publix Thanksgiving Day commercial got me in my feels

I saw it for the first time last weekend, and it sent me scurrying to YouTube to see if they'd posted it, because I KNEW I'd want to share it once I could. So here I am, doing just that. I'm talking about the 2018 Publix Thanksgiving commercial, featuring a busy mom in a "buzzing with activity"...
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What The Florida

We travel down to Jenn's home state for the holiday!
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Join JP @ The Publix in The Briarcliffe Shopping Center!

Join JP from The Jeff and Jenn show at Publix in The Briarcliffe Shopping Center this Wednesday from noon until 2pm where you can find PublixGreen Wise products on just about every aisle! Then, don’t miss the Publix GreenWise tasting event which is happening between 4 and 7 pm, and you’ll not only...
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The Senate Practical Joke (We Hope) Continues...

Jeff's ego got a little bit bruised in Publix yesterday
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Secret Spots for Singles to Mingle

Jeff heard a rumor about a Publix that's actually a secret spot for singles to meet & mingle. There's even a code for where to put your bananas if you're single & looking. Secret Spots for Singles to Mingle
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Brent and Kyle Pease

Brent Pease Talks with Jeff and Jenn

Brent and Kyle Pease participated in the 2016 Publix Georgia Marathon, and they have been doing marathons and triathlons together for several years now. Not only did they win the wheelchair division of the Publix Georgia Marathon, but they are also bringing awareness and raising money for disabled...
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