Comfort in Numbers: Biting Babies

Lanny has an overwhelming urge to bite cute babies and is scared she'll upset a stranger one day
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Weirdest Places You Fell Asleep

It can't get much weirder than these stories!
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Weird PDA

Jenn's husband picks the strangest times to show PDA, and our listeners proved she's not alone!
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Terrible Thoughts

What's the last terrible thought you had? We all have them. ESPECIALLY while we're driving...
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Ghosthunting: With Jeremy and Charlie

Three dates then she completely disappears? Let us know your theories!
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Holding Hands

Lisa Responds to Brian's Public Poetry Pitch

Brian came on the show hoping to take Lisa out on a third date. He screwed up the first date by falling asleep during the movie, so he made it up to her by taking her on a second date. Lisa didn't totally feel it, so Brian wrote a poem for Lisa hoping that she would agree to a third date. Well,...
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