Confess Your Crush: Christina and Paul

Christina wants to finally confess her crush to Paul!
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Girl Problems: Prom Edition

Getting ready for prom is a HUGE event. And it comes with sooo many problems!
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All The Feels

Inspirational stories to restore your faith in humanity.
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Prom Themes

What was the theme of your prom? And what should it have been?
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Ghosthunting: Gary Hunting His Son's Prom Date

This is SO not your normal Ghosthunting. Can you say invasive parenting?
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A Ghosthunting Request for a Son's Prom Date

A dad wants find out why his son's prom date is ghosting. I mean, should we even agree to this one?
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Jeff Dauler's Prom Pic

Our Prom Theme and Prom Songs!

We helped Kyle ask his friend, Shelby, to prom, by using our billboard and that got us reminiscing about what our own prom theme and songs were. Jeff's big prom song was Everything I Do by Bryan Adams, Jenn's was Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, Marino's big prom song was Open Arms by Journey,...
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Kyle and Shelby

She Said Yes to Prom!

Kyle goes to Campbell High School and wanted a cool way to ask his friend, Shelby, to prom. So, Kyle asked us if he could use our billboard to prompose to Shelby, and of course we had to help him out! Shelby saw it this morning on the way to school, and she said yes! JP Allen
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