Group Therapy: No, I'm Not Pregnant

How do you recover after assuming your friend is pregnant when she absolutely isn't?
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Group Therapy: Honey, We're Pregnant!

What are some cute ideas to tell your husband he's going to be a dad?
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Group Therapy: It's Hard to Discuss Why I Don't Have Kids

Jenn's friend has a hard time explaining to others why she doesn't have children yet and she needs some advice.
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Group Therapy: Baby No. 2

Mark and his wife can't decide if they want another kid!
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Jenn's Open and Honest Conversation About Infertility

Today is her daughter Lauren's 6th birthday, so she shared the story of how she got here.
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Jeff's Marriage Mistake

Jeff and Callie announced they're trying to have a baby and now every time he visits the in-laws they expect an announcement that him and Callie are pregnant!
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In The Loop: October 16th, 2018

Hurricane Michael may have broken us down, but it is bringing us closer!
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American Midol

What's the worst thing your hormones made you do?
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The Vajury: Keep Your Bun Out Of That Oven

AJ's wife is willing to become a surrogate for her cousin but she had complications during her last pregnancy.
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Pregnancy Shaming

No it's not us shaming, it's everyone else who won't stop butting in!
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