Ghost Hunting: Mike and Renee

Mike thinks Renee ghosted him after he had a little too much to drink.
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The Vajury: Peek-a-poop

How comfortable are you with your significant other?
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Comfort In Numbers: Cringey Coworkers

Who keeps their poop in the break room fridge?
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ParentingForReal: First Moments

Parents describe that critical first moment where they realized just how messy raising a kid can be.
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The Dog Poop Dilemma

Do you have a neighbor who puts their dog's poop in your trash? Or are YOU that neighbor? This is NOT ok. Or is it? The Dog Poop Dilemma
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Ridin' Dirty

People are getting high off what!?!?
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We love the cute pictures of your kids looking perfect & all but Jenn wants the real stuff. Parenting For Real This is what we call #ParentingForReal. Parenting For Real CALLS
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Jenn Kid Barf

#ParentingForReal - Poop was EVERYWHERE!

We usually glamorize our parenting skills when we post on social media, but we really don't show what REALLY happens. So, that's where Jenn's #ParentingForReal comes in to play! She has decided to take a different approach on social media and show what really goes on in her parenting life. This...
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Bad Co-worker

The WORST Coworker EVER!

Jenn told us a story about bringing her kids to the pool this weekend (someone pooped in the pool, YUCK!) which inspired Jeff to tell us a story about the 'most horrible' co-worker his friend worked with when he was a lifeguard. Jeff's friend said this guy, who we'll call "Brad," would...
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