Tell Me If I'm Crazy: I Taught My Kids to Pee in the Pool

You might be crazy, but that doesn't mean you're the only one!
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Are You in the Loop? Wednesday, June 12

Everything you need to know, and probably a few things you don't!
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Can You Not: Summer Edition!

Summer time is a special time of the year where people show you much more of themselves than you want to see.
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UPDATE HOA Horror Stories

got in trouble for painting his patio! But that's nothing compared to the guy who turned his own wife into their HOA...
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The Worst Summer Jobs

Boy did these people have some rough summers!
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How Did Your Kid Sell You Out?

Jenn's daughter told her teacher Jenn's favorite drink was "Wine." When did your kid throw you under the bus?
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Bad Co-worker

The WORST Coworker EVER!

Jenn told us a story about bringing her kids to the pool this weekend (someone pooped in the pool, YUCK!) which inspired Jeff to tell us a story about the 'most horrible' co-worker his friend worked with when he was a lifeguard. Jeff's friend said this guy, who we'll call "Brad," would...
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Producer David and Pageant Queens

David About Town: Pageant Queens Talk about Summer

Producer David went to the Miss Georgia Pageant in Columbus last weekend, so he talked to pageant queens and wanted to get some of their advice. With summer just getting started, he got tips from those pageant queens competing at Miss Georgia on what to do when going to the pool or going out this...
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Hand Sanitizer

Secret Germ Hotspots - Sorry to Ruin Your Day

There are so many germ hotspots and we probably don't even think about half of them. So leave it to Jenn to read a list from WebMD about the worst places for germs, and we didn't even realize half of them! We apologize ahead of time for ruining your day.
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