Zucker-What Zucker-Who

Can you guess if these are REALLY some of the questions congress asked Mark Zuckerberg?
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Can You Coach Sexy?

It's not about the score, it's about how you play the game.
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Rhyme Time

Play along and see if you can beat us!
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IKEA or Cheese?

Restaurateur friends Mitchell from MetroFresh and Souper Jenny join the show for some fun!
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Spelling BB&T

In honor of the BB&T Atlanta Open we give you: The funniest tennis spelling bee you'll ever hear.
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Pokemon Go

Jeff's Pokemon Go Conspiracy Theory

Jeff Is really into Pokémon Go, but the other day he came across a conspiracy and it's freaking him out. The theory is that the company who created the app is looking for ways to collect images and data from American citizens for some (in Jeff's mind) nefarious reasoning. Could this be true?!?!...
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