Jenn's Vision Board Story

How did Jenn find her picture on a poster in someone's closet?
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Ghosthunting: Shelly and Eric

Why'd Eric ghost Shelly after just a couple of dates? Turns out everyone sees social media differently, and Shelly crossed a line.
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Is This A Dating Scam?

What would you do if you saw what Jeff's friend saw?
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When Your Boyfriend Looks Like Your Dad

Does your partner look like a family member? Help Kelly Cheese feel a little better with your stories!
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What Would Your NEW Yearbook Quote Be?

Yearbook quotes were always a little awkward, what would you change them to say now?
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The Jeff & Callie Wedding Picture Debate

Jeff's wife, Callie, called Jeff out today about an argument they had and asked the show to resolve it. Obviously, we did exactly that.
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Producer Jeannine's #StoryBehindThePic

Every picture is worth a thousand words, and we think it's worth taking the time to share the whole story
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JP's Inspirational Story Behind the Pic

JP worked hard to achieve a life dream, and his Story Behind the Picture will no doubt inspire you to do the same
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Weight Loss Scale

Should Chris "Help" His Wife?

Chris made a promise to his wife, and she wants him to follow through. She wants him to post pictures of her in a bikini to motivate her to lose weight. But, he's not sure what he should do. Should Chris Post Bikini Pics of His Wife? This could go sour real fast or he could just bail on the idea...
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Selfie on a Date

Selfie on a First Date

Jeff’s friend went out on a first date last night & found out she has mutual friends with the guy. Cool, right? Maybe even picture worthy? Maybe not so much… She asked to take a selfie and her date wasn’t into it. In fact, he was so set on not taking a selfie with her it made the rest of the...
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