An Update on Big Dave

Finally! Jeff has an update for all of us who have been wondering for months about his brother Dave's relationship.
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The Most Shocking Big Dave Update Yet

A stranger has reached out and he says he's her real boyfriend, but that's just the beginning.
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internet scam

Update on Big Dave

It seems like all's well with Dave! But messages of caution keep pouring in...
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Big Dave Update: He's Safe! Or is He?

Big Dave has landed safely, he's with Liz, and he's caught up with Jenn to tell her the good news! (Jeff's only gotten one text). But there are still some concerns on our end, Jeff has worries for the future and his brother.
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Big Dave Leaves for the Philippines Tomorrow.

A few months ago Jeff opened up about his ongoing struggle with his brother, Big Dave, and the trip he's taking to meet a woman in the Philippines. Big Dave leaves for the Philippines tomorrow and Jeff told us what his Dad has to say about it. Big Dave Update 01.27.17 Part 1 Jeff addressed a lot of...
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Update on Jeff's Brother Big Dave

Jeff's worried his brother, Big Dave, has fallen for a woman who is scamming him & putting him in danger. Big Dave is planning on flying to the Philippines & meeting her face to face for the first time in a couple weeks. Jeff wants to make sure he's safe and wants to know if there are any...
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Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave

Jeff opened up about something very personal he's been struggling with for months. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 1 Listeners called in to give advice and one of our listeners told a horrifying story & shook up the show. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 2 Jeff wasn't sure if he...
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