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April 17, 2019

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Star 94.1's Woofstock

18th Annual Woofstock! May 4th and May 5th, 2019 | Suwanee Town Park Center Saturday 11a-7p | Sunday 11a-6p Projected Attendance: 40,000+ Woofstock is back! “Atlanta’s Largest Pet Party In The Park” is fun for the whole family! Join Star 94.1 and over 50 non-profit & rescue groups on May 4th...
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Confess Your Crush: Amy and Paul

UPDATE: They went on a date! UPDATE: Confess Your Crush: Amy and Paul Paul and Amy met when Paul built a chair for Amy's dog so it could sit at the table and eat with her. Now she's confessing her crush to him!
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Posh Pet Policies

Everyone spoils their pet!
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UPDATE: Confess Your Crush: Russel and Kristen

He scooped her dog's poop, and now he's confessing his crush.
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Who Let The Dogs...In?

Having pets is all fun and games until you and your man are trying to have "fun" and your pet think it's a game.
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Pet Adoption.....DENIED!

Jeff's friend has been denied TWICE for these 2 ridiculous reasons!
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Jenn's Dead Fish Story

Maybe third time's the charm?
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My Pet Knew I Was Pregnant

Turns out pets can tell when you're pregnant, and they do all sorts of weird things to show it too.
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Survey: Puppies Make You More Attractive, Cats Make You Less Attractive

Cat lovers are going to hate this study. A new survey says that having a dog is sexier than having a cat. Petsies showed 1,000 respondents pictures of people that they were attracted to with and without dogs and cats . They were trying to figure out which looked more attractive. Petsies creates...
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