Eric's Daughter Isn't Biologically His...

...and his wife doesn't know that he knows. He says he plans to keep it that way too.
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For all those oh-so-sweet moments on media, there's about 20 messy ones. Those are the stories that we call #ParentingForReal
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The Three Types of Women

Author Elizabeth Gilbert says there are 3 types of women, and how you choose to live could have drastic consequences
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Uncomfortable Parental Incidents (UPI)

We all remember that one movie we went to see with our parents and that one scene happened that no one saw coming. These are what we like to call Uncomfortable Parental Incidents (UPI's). Uncomfortable Parental Incident Part 1 Kelly Cheese had a UPI happen just the other day. Uncomfortable Parental...
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Adults Who Picked Up & Ran Away

Jenn Hobby & Kelly Cheese told us stories about adults they know who had to get up a run away for a little while. We weren't sure if this is a normal thing until our listeners started calling in. Adults Who Picked Up & Ran Away Bye, adiós, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, ciao, addio, bon voyage...
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Kid as the Parent

Parenting Your Parent

Jenn's mom is worse than her three-year-old! Family hiking for Jenn apparently means teaching the whole family about respecting nature, and sometimes making sure the little ones learn right the first time requires some hard talks with Grandma. Parenting Your Parent There's never a shortage of...
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Kid with iPad

Jenn Needs Help with Technology

​Jenn's three year old, Lauren, is already a pro at using an iPad, but Jenn hasn't figured it out yet. Since Lauren knows how to use the iPad, Jenn needs a way of protecting it so Lauren doesn't stumble on something she shouldn't. Parenting Hack 101, help! Jenn Needs Help with Technology There was...
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Kids Back to School

"I'm Sad About My Kids Going Back To School"... Said No Parent Ever

The kids are back to school, and you’re back to bliss. School is back in session, and parents all over the city talk about enjoying their quiet time, cleaning time, and even skinny-dipping time! We just can’t get enough of these calls. Glad Kids are Back in School The blunt honesty these parents...
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David About Town: Teachers

We have been celebrating teachers all week, like an impromptu Teacher Appreciation week, since everyone is heading back to school. Little known fact about Producer David, he majored in early childhood education for one semester...and only one semester. After working at a daycare for a summer, he...
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Kid in Ball Pit

Bad Moms #ParentingForReal

Let's be honest, Jenn is sick and tired of the perfect pictures of your kids on social media. She's tired of all the smiling, perfectly clean, happy family photos. After seeing the movie Bad Moms, she's ready for some bad mom stories! It's time for #ParentingForReal. Bad Moms #ParentingForReal Our...
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