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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy UPDATE

Last week, Curtis took over Producer Beau's dating profiles. Turns out, neither of them have game. Can you help them out with some advice?
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Group Therapy: Dating By Proxy

Can Curtis land a date...for Beau? He's taking over our Producer Beau's online dating profile, so let's hope so.
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Jenn Hobby's 5 Things To Do At Home

Find yourself stuck at home with extra time? Here's Jenn's recommendations to keep you busy!
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The Vajury: Gamer Girlfriend

His girlfriend is in an all-guys gaming group!
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UPDATE: Holiday Shopping Amazon Reviews

These Amazon reviews are brutally honest and hilarious!
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Amazon Reviews

These buyers went deep with their reviews!
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Dramatic Readings From NextDoor

We all got some weird neighbors, so why not have fun with it?
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When should Jenn start asking her daughters for permission to post on social media?
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The Weirdest Request EVER

Uhmm, what exactly do you want Kelly Cheese to do again?
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Amazon on Ambien

Yesterday was Prime Day and someone on the show decided to go shopping after taking a sleeping pill...
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