Helping With Hypnosis: Sean Wheeler In-Studio

Hypnotist Sean Wheeler joins us to talk about hypnotherapy after treating Producer Jeannine for her hair-pulling compulsion. Hopefully we'll get to help another listener as well!
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff is Scared for the First Dance!

Jeff is 135 days away from taking the plunge with fiancee Callie, but he's getting scared. No, not the "cold feet" kind of scared...more like two left feet kind of scared! Jeff said he's got the rhythm & grace of a dead turtle, so he is asking Jenn for advice on his first dance. Should he take...
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Jenn and Family

Jenn is STRESSED about Flying with Her Kids

UPDATE: Jenn went on the flight with her daughters and it wasn't so bad! Jenn Flight Update Jenn is so nervous because she is going to have to travel on a plane with her young kids. The last time she did this, her daughter Lauren didn’t stop screaming the entire flight. Now she has two young...
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