Dramatic Readings from Nextdoor

And now, a dramatic reading from your neighbors.
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Dramatic Reading From NextDoor

Drama goes down on NextDoor!
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My Kind of Crazy: I Hate My Neighbors

Do you hate your neighbors, or do they hate you?
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The VaJury: Zombie or Not To Be

Is it cool to spook kids during trick-or-treat?
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Helping Neighbors With Purposity

Purposity is changing lives, and you can be a part of it. Helping your neighbor, and your entire community, with just a few clicks.
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What's Your Neighbor's Nickname?

Got a "chatty Cathy" next door? What about a "Shirtless Wonder", or a "Butch the Pirate"?
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Is Jenn's House Haunted?

There's been some strange activity happening around Jenn's house. Maybe even paranormal activity?? Is Jenn's House Haunted? The weird just keeps getting weirder, people! Jenn needs advice, how do you KNOW for sure that it's haunted? Is Jenn's House Haunted? UPDATE
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Jenn's Movin' On Marietta!

The day is finally here! Goodbye Midtown and hello Marietta.
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