jenn and friends

Did Curtis Catch A Cheater?

Curtis was snooping on his neighbors when he noticed an interesting pattern of guests. Did he catch an affair?
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Group Therapy: Manners Are Free

Are you allowed to discipline other people's kids? Or does Mark owe his neighbors an apology?
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Ask Alexa: Quarantine, Meeting Neighbors, and Wearing Masks

How does our Alexa with attitude feel about our lives in quarantine? Salty, as usual.
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run down house

Group Therapy: My Neighbor Has a Run Down House

Melinda has a neighbor who does NOT keep up with their home!
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Jeff's Nosey Neighbor

Jeff has a new neighbor and he's not sure if she's nosey or being helpful!
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UPDATE: Jeff Has a CELEBRITY Neighbor!

He wants to introduce himself to her but is not sure how to do it!
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Dramatic Readings From Next Door!

Some of these people could be your neighbor!
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Dramatic Readings From NextDoor

We all got some weird neighbors, so why not have fun with it?
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What The Florida!

Jeff's favorite part of the week!
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Phone Scam: The One With the Car, the Wife and the Collections

What happens when the most annoying neighbor goes too far and blames you for it?
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