Group Therapy: What's In a Name? (Update 11-6)

Have you ever been attracted to someone, then lost interest when you found out their name? Sounds petty, right? Jana has been attracted over someone she's been seeing at her child's soccer practice, so she did some digging. First she found out that he was single, and that was great! But then she...
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Jeannine On The Scene: Are You Trippin'

Are these legit DJ names from the Imagine festival, or are these festival-goers totally trying to trip us up?
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Spelling BB&T

In honor of the BB&T Atlanta Open we give you: The funniest tennis spelling bee you'll ever hear.
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The Most Popular Baby Names

Whether you want to avoid your child having the same name as everyone else's or you just want them to fit in, this is good stuff to know!
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A Band of Nuns

No really. Like, a band. Of real nuns.
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Jeff Beer

Craft Beer or Baby Name?

Let's be honest, celebrity baby names can be weird. Like, really weird. But the names of craft beers can also be pretty weird and random. So, Jenn put Jeff to the test. She read out names that are either the names of craft beers or celebrity babies. Jeff thought the game was going to be easy, but...
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Name Tag

Rebound Rachels and Mean Megans: What Name is on Your Blacklist?

Jenn and Producer Kelly gave Jeff the low down on the names that make them cringe. Producer Kelly said she HATES the name Rachel because two of her ex's both cheated with Rachels. Names You Hate Listeners called in and gave us the names that are forever tainted in their brain, too! Callers Give...
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Top Baby Names are On the Rise

The results for the top baby names on the rise in 2016 are in. Baby naming resource site Nameberry released its list of baby names on the rise this year, and the results give an interesting look at the names that are gaining popularity with new parents. For girls, the name Olivia took the top spot...
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