I Had to Move Because of a Neighbor

Sometimes your neighbors are just TOO MUCH.
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Jeff's Spontaneous Move

Jeff made a last minute decision to MOVE.
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Confess Your Crush: Evan and Mallory

They worked together breifly and then she disapeared before he could ask her out!
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Not that Into You

Where is This Relationship Going - Is Misty into Scott?

Misty and Scott have exclusively been dating for four months. Misty has been offered a new job opportunity in Greenville, which is only two hours from Atlanta. But, Misty isn’t too sure if she wants to continue with this relationship. She wants to test the waters to see how Scott feels about them...
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Moving In

Where is This Relationship Going: Katie and Michael

Part 1: Katie and Michael have been together for over a year and they’ve said “I love you” but a month ago, Michael was drunk and mentioned the idea of them living together. Well when Katie brings that conversation back up now (while they’re sober), he’ll change the subject or make a joke. And last...
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Couple Moving

Where is This Relationship Going: Mattie and Brett

Maddie is an 18-year-old graduate who is moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles for college. Her boyfriend of three years, Brett, said he would come as well. Maddie figured since her boyfriend works at a local sub shop relocating would benefit the both of them. Since then, he hasn’t made any plans to...
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta

3 Ways to Get a Beach Bod from Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Summer is approaching and we all want to get in shape and look good for those trips to the beach and the days spent at the pool. Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined the Jeff and Jenn Show to talk about 3 ways to look good for the summer and get that beach body you've been wanting! 1. Sleep Nothing will be as...
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