The Bridesmaid's Bleep Line is Back

You know you can't actually tell the bride and groom that everything they're doing is driving you mad, but you can tell us!
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Storytime with Jeff: The "Perfect" Proposal

Jeff found a story and he'd love to hear the team's reactions. It's all about a proposal gone wrong.
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Delta Community Credit Union

Financial Planning for Women with Jenn Hobby!

Join host Jenn Hobby and her friends from Delta Community Credit Union for a FREE "Financial Planning for Women" seminar on Thursday, February 16th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. You’ll get helpful financial tips designed for women at all life stages. Space is limited, if you're interested in attending...
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internet scam

Update on Big Dave

It seems like all's well with Dave! But messages of caution keep pouring in...
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy

Robin told us about a guy she's been dating who is showering her with expensive gifts leading up to Christmas. Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy Part 1 So what exactly is the problem here? Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy Part 2 Waavy sounds like a stand up guy...
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Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave

Jeff opened up about something very personal he's been struggling with for months. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 1 Listeners called in to give advice and one of our listeners told a horrifying story & shook up the show. Jeff Wants To Help Save Big Dave Part 2 Jeff wasn't sure if he...
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Ghost Hunting: Siobahn hunting Marcie

Siobahn told us her former roomie Marcie owes her for something & she wants her to pay up. Ghost Hunting Siobahn hunting Marcie Part 1 Wait, it's been how long?! We tracked down Marcie to see if she remembers what Siobahn is talking about. Ghost Hunting Siobahn hunting Marcie Part 2 We checked...
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You Throw Away MONEY?!

Kelly Cheese told Jeff & Jenn she tosses out pennies all the time and they were both completely thrown off. You Thow Away MONEY 1 It only took a few minutes for our phone lines to light up after hearing this. You Throw Away MONEY 2 Jeff & Jenn couldn't stop thinking about Kelly throwing...
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Lottery Winnings

What Would You Do with your Lottery Winnings?

What would you do if you won 478 MILLION dollars, or we should say WHEN you win? Jenn's plan is simple. Her plan is to buy a bigger house for the family, take a fun vacation to Greece, & take care of their family members. Logical, simple, & to the point. We asked the question today and our...
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Wasting Money

Sorry Not Sorry

Jeff’s friend did something that cost her $300 a second. She paid $3000 to meet Britney Spears for 10 seconds. 10 SECONDS!! And his friend said it was worth every penny, she said “Sorry, not sorry!” That got us wondering, what is the most money you’ve spent on something so frivolous? Catherine in...
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