Gorilla Controversy: Was the Right Call Made?

A 4 year old kid climbed into a gorilla closure at a Cincinnati Zoo, and the gorilla, Harambe, got ahold of him and dragged him through the moat. As a result, zoo officials killed Harambe. This tragic situation has sparked so much controversy, people are upset because officials killed the gorilla,...
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Jenn and Her Kids

#ParentingForReal: Jeff Has Questions for Jenn

Jenn joked she was going to start a hashtag called #parentingforreal after her kid barfed all over her. She did it, and it is taking off! But Jeff has a question for Jenn about one parenting documenting their struggles just giving their kid breakfast! He doesn't think it's as much of a struggle as...
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Missing Child

Ghost Hunting: I Was Kidnapped!

Update: Jeff & Jenn found Amber's childhood friend, Victoria! When we filled her in on Amber's situation she was shocked. Victoria said she & her family left for a vacation one day & when they came back Amber was gone, which she thought was strange. Now that Victoria knows the real...
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Graduation Boobs: Great Gift or Too Early?

Jenn has a friend who is giving her 18 year old daughter a boob job for graduation and Jenn doesn't know how she feels about it. Is it sending the wrong message or boosting her self esteem? Our listeners called in and some said she's an adult and should be able to do what she want. Graduation Boobs...
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Angry Teacher and Student

You Shall Not Pass: Teachers Begged and Bribed

School is ending and teachers are giving out their final grades. As graduation approaches, some students didn’t make the final cut. So, parents have resorted to begging and maybe even bribing teacher for passing grades! Are these teachers giving in and taking those gifts? Our listeners shared their...
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Jenn #parentingforreal


Jenn talked about how her daughter threw up all over her and that no one ever shows the real side of parenting on social media. So, Jenn joked she was going to start a hashtag called #parentingforreal and post the picture of her kid's barf all over her. She did it, and it is taking off! It's time...
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Mom's Advice

Mother's Day: Best Advice Your Mom Gave You

Moms are awesome, they love you unconditionally and they impart awesome wisdom. That advice can be applied immediately, or you may not know what they mean until years later. But there's always that advice that sticks with you, and we want to know what that one piece of advice is! Best Advice from...
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Me Time

Maternity vs. Me-ternity: Our Listeners are Riled Up!

After having a debate about maternity vs. me-ternity, our listeners called in with their very passionate opinions. We had women on each side of the debate, and Jeff and Jenn talked to a woman who is both an HR Professional and a mother herself.
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Me Time

Maternity vs. Me-ternity

So, she wants all the perk of maternity leave but she’s not pregnant & she didn’t have a baby?! Meghann Foye, the author of the novel “Meternity”, says she believes all women deserve mandated “me” time, pregnant or not. You can read the article about that here . Jenn lays down the law and lets...
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Meanest Mom

Mean Moms: Is Your Mom Meaner?

A woman is calling herself the "world's meanest mom" for putting her daughter's truck on Craigslist because her daughter acted up too many times. But is your mom even meaner than that? Our listeners tell us their own mean mom stories.
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