Forgive or Forget: Braves Game Mistake

Sarah is asking her date for forgiveness!
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UPDATE: Jenn Made a HUGE Mistake This Morning

She had to apologize to her husband Grant this morning for a major mistake she made!
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Tattoo Regret

Producer Jeannine wants to get a tattoo and is afraid she'll regret it!
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Jenn is our mom....?

Jenn just started her fitness journey at Orange Theory and wanted to introduce the Jeff and Jenn show framily to her new fitness pals!
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Comfort in Numbers: Unrecoverable Mistakes

Our intern Rachel has been applying to jobs and made a HUGE mistake that she can't fix! Comfort In Numbers: Unrecoverable Mistakes
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Wedding Traditions: Is He Making a Mistake?

Jeff's wedding is later this year, and there are some traditions he and Callie are keeping. But, Jenn says there are some traditions that have now become too old and cheesy. And it turns out, he and Callie were planning to do some of them. Do you agree these traditions should be tossed? Or should...
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