Milo Ventimiglia

Too Old to Play Batman?

Superheroes are not allowed to age. “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia had his dreams of playing Batman squashed by ageism. The handsome 42-year-old actor revealed he was turned down from being considered for the role because he was too old to play the Caped Crusader. Got an extra episode of #...
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WATCH: 'This Is Us' Cast Gives Major Clues About Episode 2 & Beyond

WE. HAVE. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Last night's season 2 premiere of the hit NBC drama, This Is Us , picked up on the emotional roller coaster where season 1 left off. We started to get major clues about Jack's death in last night's episode, and now, the cast is speaking out about what we can expect...
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WATCH: 'This Is Us' Cast Hits the Streets of NYC

How would you react if you spotted the cast of your favorite television walking the streets of New York City? Stars from NBC's This Is Us including Mandy Moore , Chrissy Metz , Justin Hartley , and Milo Ventimiglia all joined Billy on the Street to talk to fans about the show. As Billy hilariously...
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