Jeff's Meltdown

We are cringing at how this happened.
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Parenting For Real: No-Sense Tantrums

When has your kid melted down for no reason?
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Parenting For Real: Your Pain is My Pleasure

Jenn feels better seeing other kids tantrums.
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Trashed or Toddler

Can you tell the difference between a trashed adult and a tantrum-throwing toddler?
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American Midol

These stories of hormone-induced meltdowns will have you laughing in no time (and sobbing, and screaming, then laughing again, then maybe some more sobbing...)
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#ParentingForReal Mega-Meltdowns

Toddlers, man. But next time your little one is FREAKING because of the wrong color shoes, you'll know what to do!
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#ParentingForReal: The Mega-Tantrum Edition

Did your child FREAK because you gave them the wrong color plate? Then these stories are for you.
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Jenn and Family

Jenn is STRESSED about Flying with Her Kids

UPDATE: Jenn went on the flight with her daughters and it wasn't so bad! Jenn Flight Update Jenn is so nervous because she is going to have to travel on a plane with her young kids. The last time she did this, her daughter Lauren didn’t stop screaming the entire flight. Now she has two young...
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Jenn and Charlie Puth

Jeff Totally Caught Jenn Crying

Jenn is very emotional from nursing and coming back to work from her maternity leave, so she is missing her babies. So when Jenn was having an emotional moment at the Charlie Puth Switch Party, she tried to hide it from Jeff. But there was no way that he could. So our listeners call in to give Jenn...
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