Divorced and Dating

Is It a Rebound or Is It True Love?

Jenn's friend is dating a guy who was married for 10 years and is recently divorced, it's only been five months ago. She’s afraid of being the rebound, but he has invited her to a friend's wedding and his parents will be there. Do you guys think Liz is the rebound or true love? The first time we...
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Jeff and Jenn and Lindsay Sims

Ask a Wedding Planner

Lindsay Sims with TOAST Events has been named one of the top 10 wedding planners by Vogue and Martha Stewart Living, and she joined us in the studio to give our listeners advice! Brian is having trouble with his mother-in-law, she keeps trying to meddle in their wedding and change things up. So, he...
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First Date

Where is This Relationship Going?

Tracey and Eric have been together for two years, Tracey thinks the world of Eric but she is unsure of his feeling. Tracey was recently divorce because of her nagging ways and she has not talked to Eric about marriage in fear of running him away. Eric is great with her two kids and things have been...
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Wedding Venue

Wedding Prep 101: 5 Tips to Avoid Day-Of Screw Ups

if you're about to get married, we’ve made your life easier! Wedding planner, Lindsay Sims of TOAST Events, joined the show to give you some tips to avoid those last minute wedding screw-ups. Here is the list of those 5 things, and also listen below for more advice from Lindsay! Packing and...
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Worried in Relationship

Gina and Brad: Emotional Security vs. Financial Security

Gina wants Jeff and Jenn's help to find out where her relationship with Brad is going. They have been dating for a year and she loves him, but he hasn't given any hint that he wants to marry her and she doesn't want to waste her time. Where is Gina's Relationship Going? Jeff and Jenn get Brad...
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Holding Hands

Soulmates: Do They Exist?

Jenn doesn't believe in soulmates and she doesn't think she's alone here. Jeff believes and says a soulmate is "the one person on this planet that you find & go through the rest of your life together as one body & one soul." Jenn ain't buyin' it. Research shows people can meet "The ONE" at...
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Nervous Bride

I Should Have Listened to the Signs!

Jenn talks about how her friend said there were several signs that she shouldn't get married. She had a panic attack at her bridal shower, she broke out in hives after the rehearsal dinner, their trolley broke down, and the lights went out at the church. But she still got married! Jenn said her...
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Bag on Head

A Million Proposals: Listeners Talk about Nick

We talked with Nick after he proposed to Lorie on her birthday for the 9th year in a row. She has always said no, but this year she said she may settle for him if he makes some changes. Even though she said all of those things, he evidently loves her because he is all for it still! Our listeners...
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Bad Proposal

A Million Proposals: Nick Talks about Proposing to Lorie!

Lorie was on with us talking about how she gets proposed to every birthday by the same guy, Nick. She has always turned him down, but she is now thinking about saying yes because she is getting older. She said that he just needs to do somethings to make himself better first. Well today, we talked...
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Jeff and Callie

Jeff's Wedding Hashtag is Official!

Jeff and his fiancee, Callie, are getting married in just 6 short months! They have decided on everything...well almost everything. The thing that they needed help most on was settling on a wedding hashtag. Our listeners are amazing and sent in a ton of ideas on what it should be. But, Jeff and...
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