Where is This Relationship Going: With Audrey and Greg

Is Greg ready to make a real commitment? Audrey called us hoping we could help out.
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Where is This Relationship Going: With Steph and Mike

They've been dating for TEN YEARS and she's starting to wonder if they're ever going to take the next step..
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Where is This Relationship Going? With Jonathan and Caden

Jonathan has asked Caden to marry him twice now...should he go for a third?
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A Serial Monogamist Needs Our Help

A woman is about to move in with her new boyfriend she met only 3 months ago the night of her divorce, and her friend doesn't know what to do!
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Ghosthunting: Courtney and Ryan

They went on a couple of 2015, and now Courtney needs to know where they stand.
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Personal Trainer

Are All Personal Trainers Poison?

So she thinks personal trainers ruin marriages, and she wants to warn her friend ahead of time.
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Jeff & Jenn Talk About Marriage

Jeff and Jenn opened up this morning and talk about the ups, the downs, and what marriage really means to them. Jeff and Jenn Talk Marriage
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Ladies, Admit It. You Test Your Hubby.

Ladies, we know you've tested your huband once or twice. Spill the beans, we want to know all about when you put your hubby through the ringer. Ladies Who Test Their Husbands Don’t be shy ladies, our callers weren’t this morning – that’s for sure! Ladies Who Test Thier Husbands 2
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Bride and Bridesmaids

Does She REALLY Want to be Maid of Honor?

Renee just got engaged, and she asked her friend Rayne to be a co-maid of honor. She says Rayne isn’t acting like she wants to be maid of honor, so she needs Jeff and Jenn to intervene and find out if Rayne is in it with her. Renee Wonders about Her Maid of Honor Rayne says the other maid of honor...
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Love Triangle

Justin Wants to Check in on His Brother's Relationship

Justin is worried about his brother, Daniel, because he's been in a relationship for Megan for 5 years, and they still aren't married. Daniel proposed several years ago, but Megan turned him down. They're still together, but Justin is wondering where she thinks their relationship is going. He's...
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