Year End Countdown with Marino!

Year End Countdown with Marino 10-1

Counting down the Top Songs of 2016 as voted by YOU!
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Behind The Scenes at Jingle Jam

Marino gets mistaken for Charlie Puth at Jingle Jam?

Beth Keener talks with Marino from Star 94.1 Afternoons about making the switch back to afternoons and his favorite parts of the whole Jingle Jam experience… hint it’s all about YOU, the fans!
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James bay

Jingle Jam Artist Interview: James Bay

Star 94.1's Marino had a chance to talk with Jingle Jam artist James Bay, fresh off his performance on the AMA's! Get your tickets to Star 94.1's Jingle Jam presented by Georgia United Credit Union RIGHT NOW, and see James Bay, Train, X Ambassadors and Charlie Puth LIVE at Infinite Energy Arena on...
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Jenn In Studio

Jeff's Reverse Game

Jeff had a fun idea for game this morning that totally threw Jenn off guard! He had Producer Kelly Cheese say simple phrases, like what you say when you're asking for a hotel room, and then he put it down, flipped it, & reverse it -- Missy Elliot style! So, where we going with this? Well, Jenn...
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Marino Food

Marino Had to Hide Food!

Marino’s future in-laws came into town, and they are really healthy eaters. So, Marino and his fiancée had to hide all the unhealthy food! They aren’t the worst eaters but they like pizza and ice cream every once in a while. Marino walked in on his fiancée eating a bowl of ice cream in their...
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Braves At Bat

Jeff and Jenn Show's Own At Bat Songs

Today is the very last Opening Day at Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves before they move into their new stadium. To give our own little tribute to the Braves at the Ted, we each chose our own At Bat Song(s). The at bat songs are those songs that play when the baseball player is walking up to the...
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Jeff and Jenn Show

Fake Sweepers with Jeff and Jenn

There were some technical difficulties that happened in the show this morning, so we briefly moved to the other studio in the building. Well, some of our sweepers (which are the voices that introduce when we come back to the show) weren't airing so Jenn had to do a sweeper live. That gave Jeff the...
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Hi, It's Marino!

Hello! It’s Marino! I do have a first name… It’s Mike. But since we have a few Mikes that work at Star 94.1, we just use “Marino”! If you listened on your ride home every weekday, I was the host of the afternoon show for two and a half years. Then opportunity knocked… So I answered! I’m now the...
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The Jeff and Jenn Show

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 9, 2016

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. On today's podcast, our big boss Tony Lorino listens to each of us talk up a song and not only do we have to do it in the right amount of time, he then rates us on how we did. And someone on the show may have broken a piece of equipment...
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