The GoGirl

What strange device has Kelly Cheese feeling like a man?
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Is Kelly Cheese in LOVE?!

Kelly Cheese, the woman who could never commit, just told a man she loved him. Wait what?!
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Where is This Relationship Going: Richie and Jamie

She's "man-fasting" but they're still snuggling, kissing, and getting all sorts of close. He wants more but is she feeling it?
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Wait, Your Man Sleeps With A Teddy Bear?

When our girl Allison found out her guy sleeps with a stuffed monkey she called us for help. He Sleeps With A Teddy Bear 1 We asked our listeners for some advice & we had no idea what was coming our way. He Sleeps With A Teddy Bear 2 Finally, listeners with advice we've been waiting for. He...
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Hot Guy

Hot Guys on Instagram

Listen up ladies, the women of the Jeff & Jenn show would like to make your day. Every day. All day. Earlier in the show, we talked about what creepy things women would do if they were men. Like Tanya, who saves pictures of her friends' husbands on her phone and then uses them when she's "alone...
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Girl Flirt

If I Was a Guy, I Would Be SO Creepy

Ladies, ever think about things you do that if you were a guy would be so creepy? We talked to Scott who told us his wife takes pictures of men's hands and send them to her friends. Any man who walked up to strange women asking for pictures of their hands would be so creepy, right?! So ladies, tell...
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Creepy Guy

How to Tell if a Guy is Creepy

Fellas, listen up. Women determine if they think a guy is creepy or not in SECONDS. It’s time to figure out if you’re that creepy guy when you’re out. And to help you do so, Jeff and Jenn were joined by Producer Kelly Cheese and Intern Alexa to give their thoughts. So, what makes a guy instantly...
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Jeff Goes to the Doctor

Jeff has a doctor’s appointment on the schedule and Jenn is impressed he’s made an appointment. She doesn’t think men go to the doctor for regular checkups like women have to, guys will go a long time without going to the doctor. Jeff doesn’t go all the time, but he will do an annual physical. He...
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Bachelor Party

Jeff's Bachelor Party: Should Jenn Go?

Jeff is about to get married, but he has one thing left to plan, his bachelor party! Jeff and Jenn have been friends for years, and Jenn is going to be a groomswoman in Jeff's wedding. But, Jeff doesn’t think Jenn should be a part of the bachelor party since she's not a guy. Jenn on the other hand...
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