Spring Break Lies

Jeff's Friends are liars! Tricking family into getting their own vacation. How many other people do this?
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Listeners Give their Advice to Alli

Alli called in wanting advice on what to do about her boyfriend lying to her. He said he had a Master's Degree in Statistics, but he doesn't even have an undergrad degree! As soon as she was done with her story, our phone lines were lighting up. Our listeners were very happy to let her know just...
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Alli's Boyfriend Has Been Lying the ENTIRE TIME

Our listener, Alli, called into the show needing some advice. She found out her boyfriend has been lying to her the entire time they've been together. On their first date, he told her that he had a Master's Degree in Statistics. But in reality, he didn't even get an undergrad degree even though he'...
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