Ask Alexa!

Alexa has an attitude....
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Daily Inspo: You Inspire Us!

We love our listeners!
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Jay-Z Beyonce Show

Star 94.1 Listeners Stopped By For Some Fun Before the Jay-Z & Beyoncé Show

Well, we weren't rushing the stage, but we did have a ton of fun outside with our listeners before the Jay-Z & Beyoncé shows at Mercedes-Benz Stadium! Check out the pics!
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Rhyme Time! The Soccer Edition

How quick are you with your words? Play along with listeners and find out!
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Are You Secretly Competing With Someone?

Jenn knew there were people out there who secretly compete with others who have no idea . Wait for our caller Nichole to tell you what she's up to, just trust us. It's that good. Secret Competition
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Chelsea and Freddie Freeman

We Choose a Couple for the Atlanta Braves Gender Reveal!

We have been working with Chelsea Freeman, the wife of Atlanta Braves player Freddie Freeman, to give away an unforgettable gender reveal after she and Freddie had an epic gender reveal of their own. If you need a refresher, here is what Chelsea and Freddie did for their gender reveal. It's a...
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Freddie Freeman

Want an Epic Father's Day Gender Reveal? Chelsea and Freddie Freeman Can Help!

You’ve seen the gender reveals with balloons, cakes, & confetti but we’re betting you’ve never seen anything like this! Chelsea Freeman came up with a great & creative way to reveal the gender of their baby to husband, and Atlanta Braves player, Freddie Freeman. Chelsea, looking flawless in...
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Holding Hands

Soulmates: Do They Exist?

Jenn doesn't believe in soulmates and she doesn't think she's alone here. Jeff believes and says a soulmate is "the one person on this planet that you find & go through the rest of your life together as one body & one soul." Jenn ain't buyin' it. Research shows people can meet "The ONE" at...
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Destiny or Creepy

Sweet or Creepy: Jeff and Jenn Decide!

After the debate on whether or not Travis chasing after Cassandra was sweet or creepy, Jeff and Jenn wanted to have listeners call in with their own stories! They told us a story about their own dates and it really could go either way. So after the story, Jeff and Jenn decided on whether they...
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Jenn and Family

Parenting 101: Listeners Give Jenn Advice

Jenn says her husband is being a pushover because he hates to discipline their daughters. So, Jenn feels like she always has to be the bad cop and lay down the hammer with her girls. Our listeners get the pain of being that bad cop, so they give her advice on how to find a balance.
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