Frank Zhou

Your Positive Athlete: Meet Frank Zhou

This Gwinnett student brings his positivity not only on the court, but in school and around the world as well.
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Comedian Taylor Tomlinson Joins Jenn & Friends

Taylor's new Netflix special "Quarter Life Crisis" is worth every second of binge-ing!We heard about her inspiration, what it's like in comedy, and so much more!
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Health and Life Expert, Dr. Darria, Joins Us in Studio

Dr. Darria is a TV health expert and a board-certified emergency department physician giving us parenting advice!
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My Childhood Toys Taught Me...

What did Barbie and GI Joe teach you as a kid?
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Catching Up With Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is filling in for Mark!
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Everyday Heroes

We're highlighting the good people in the world!
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Soundtrack of Your Life

What would yours sound like?
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When Did You Run Away?

What made you physically RUN?
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Life Gets Easier Once You Hit 44

According to a new study, at least!
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A Stranger Changed My Life

Have you ever met someone who ended up changing everything?
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