Explain This To A Five Year Old

It's Jenn's new game! When a child finds something for 'Adults Only' and asks what it is...what are you supposed to say?
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#ParentingForReal: Vacation Edition

Jenn had a #ParentingForReal moment last week on vacation ended with a run-in with the Police!
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The Makeup Debate

Jenn's 4-year-old has a dance recital, should she wear make up?
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Our Weekend Trips

Jeff and Jenn both had pretty revealing trips this holiday weekend!
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Ghosthunting: Gary Hunting His Son's Prom Date

This is SO not your normal Ghosthunting. Can you say invasive parenting?
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Jenn's Birthday

It's Jenn's Birthday!

Hapy Birthday Jenn! We've got surprise calls, visitors, and of course a birthday song too!
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Have You Ever Brainwashed Your Kid?

Jenn wants to know how she can brainwash her daughter Lauren so she stops watching and singing songs from these awfully annoying TV shows. Help! How Did You Brainwash Your Kid Part 1 The calls from parents who brainwashed their kids just kept on coming. How Did You Brainwash Your Kid Part 2 After...
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The Pearl Necklaces Are Here!

Remember when Jeff found the oyster lady Brittany Sparacio? (If you missed it check out it out right here ). Well, the pearl necklaces are here & they're gorgeous. Thanks Brittany! The Pearl Necklaces are Here!
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Little Lauren Wants To Be A Princess

Jenn's all about her daughter Lauren wanting to be a Princess & wearing all the girly things but her hubby Grant isn't so sure he's in to it. Lauren Princess Team Jenn Team Grant Our callers were on Team Jenn & letting Team Grant know a Princess can be powerful! Lauren Princess CALLS Team...
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Reese is Home!

It was a good weekend for Reese, she is home and she responded well to the first week of chemo treatments. Jeff said he visited them every day but one day, and Jenn and Reese were both great the entire week. Jenn will be able to give updates herself because she will be back in the studio with us...
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