lauren jauregui

I'm Listening: Lauren Jauregui and the Importance of Self-Care

Lauren Jauregui has learned to make self-care a priority. “Without that as a priority, everything else falters,” the singer explains in the preview above. Jauregui will be a part of a special two-hour commercial-free broadcast of I’m Listening on Sunday September 8, happening on all Entercom radio...
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Watch Arlissa Rescue Lauren Jauregui in 'Running' Video

The star for UK singer Arlissa continues to rise, this time turning her escape anthem, “Running,” into a full-on Thelma & Louise fantasy with Lauren Jauregui . In the video released Friday, Arlissa helps Jauregui out of a bad boyfriend fight, fleeing the scene are starting on a course of...
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The Jeff and Jenn Show with Lauren Jauregui

Extra Ten with Jeff and Jenn - March 4, 2016

Extra 10 with Jeff and Jenn is our post-show daily podcast. Today's podcast features Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony! Jeff and Jenn talked to her about Fifth Harmony's new song, Work From Home, and listeners got to ask Lauren a few questions of their own. Here is their conversation.
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