Las Vegas

60 Second Story Time: Kelly Cheese Wins!

We put 60 seconds on the clock, try to tell our best stories, and hope we don't get booted before the clock runs out. Producer Kelly Cheese's story definitely took the cake this round. 60 Second Story Time 09.19.15
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Jeff's Bachelor Party - Vegas Style!

We surprised Jeff with a last minute bachelor trip to Las Vegas last week with all of his buddies. Well, he's back and we're ready to hear all about what happened in Vegas. Jeff's Bachelor Party - Vegas Style...
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Jeff's BIG Bachelor Party Surprise!

Ever since Jeff cancelled his bachelor party Jenn, his fiance Callie, and his buddies have been working hard to plan a surprise bachelor party for him and today Jenn finally got to tell him what they've been up to. FYI, Jeff hates surprises. Check out Jeff's reaction when Jenn tells him she's got a...
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