Missed the Mark: Kissing Your Child in Public

Mark was approached by a stranger and he is fired up over it.
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Never Been Kissed

Did your first kiss happen later than usual?
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Ghosthunting: Jessica hunting Jason!

They met on Tinder and had two great dates, and had what she thought was a GREAT kiss.
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Kissing your best friend

You Kissed Your Best Friend, It Was Awful, Can You Still Be Besties?

Kelly Cheese's best friends went on a date that's been a long time coming. They ended the night with a kiss and it was awful. Oh no! Can they go back to being friends after the kiss or is it too awkward?! Kissing Your Best Friend
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Couple Kissing

Is Kissing Coachable?

We've all had, at least, one really bad kiss in our life. We're talking too much tongue, sloppy, aggressive, what the heck are you doing to my face, bad kiss. One of Producer Kelly's best friends went out on what she called a 'perfect date' with a really cute guy but the goodnight kiss was TERRIBLE...
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