Two Truths and A Kelly Lie

Can Kelly make up a lie to stump Jeff and Jenn? They've been friends for a decade and know almost everything about each other!
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Kid in Office

Office vs. Kindergarten Classroom

Just like kids and adults, an office and a Kindergarten classroom can be very similar! Here’s a list that points out all the similarities they have in the most hilarious way! 1. Beyoncé walking in for a prescheduled performance would be less exciting then surprise snack time. 2. The person who...
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Kindergarten Graduation

Jeff's Kindergarten Commencement Speech

High schoolers are graduating and heading on to college. College students are graduating and heading out into the working world. But there is also a special group graduating...kindergarteners. They have their own special graduation heading into the first grade, and Jeff was amazed at this. So, he...
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Padded Bra for Kids: Necessity or Ridiculous?

​Why are padded bras for kids a thing? No, just no. Jenn & Producer Kelly nearly gave Jeff an anxiety attack while talking about the new padded bras designed for young girls this morning. Like, kindergarten young. Gross! Check out Jeff's reaction & what our listeners had to say right here:
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