What Does Mom REALLY Want for Mother's Day?

Jeff asks Jenn all about what moms might really be looking for this year, and it's not just a card.
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Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby Finale

They de-friended each other on social media?! Things just got sketchy!
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#ParentingForReal Mega-Meltdowns

Toddlers, man. But next time your little one is FREAKING because of the wrong color shoes, you'll know what to do!
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Ghost Hunting

A Ghosthunting Request: John and Emma

He says she dipped out after meeting his child...coincidence?
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The Spring Break Gary Update

Gary wanted to win back his wife and family by joining them on a spring break trip to Disney. How'd it go?
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Spring Break Lies

Jeff's Friends are liars! Tricking family into getting their own vacation. How many other people do this?
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The Three Types of Women

Author Elizabeth Gilbert says there are 3 types of women, and how you choose to live could have drastic consequences
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She Brought a Child to See 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Jenn's friend saw a woman with her 8-year-old in the theater. Is this okay!?
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Adults Who Still Suck Their Thumb

Jenn doesn't want her daughter Lauren to suck her thumb because she's heard some kids never grow out of it. Pretty sure our listeners didn't make Jenn feel any better. Adults Who Never Grew Out of Sucking Their Thumb
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Kid as the Parent

Parenting Your Parent

Jenn's mom is worse than her three-year-old! Family hiking for Jenn apparently means teaching the whole family about respecting nature, and sometimes making sure the little ones learn right the first time requires some hard talks with Grandma. Parenting Your Parent There's never a shortage of...
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