Jeff and Jenn with Braves Gender Reveal Couple Jake and Abbey

Braves Gender Reveal

UPDATE: The Braves Gender Reveal was amazing, it went off without a hitch! Thank you so much to the Atlanta Braves for all of their help and to Carter's for their generous gift basket to Abbey and Jake! If you want to see the full gender reveal, click here ! Braves Gender Reveal Update A couple...
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Jeff Got Played!

Jeff went out to a self-serve yogurt bar, and his total was $4.46. He paid with a $5, and when the kid tried to give Jeff his change, Jeff told him to keep it. The kid sarcastically said, "Wow, thanks a lot." As if he served Jeff, let’s not forget the place is a SELF SERVING yogurt bar. This made...
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Jenn and Her Kids


Jenn was frustrated with the glamorous parenting pictures because it’s the complete opposite of what parenting is. So, she decided to launch her own social media campaign, #ParentingForReal. She talks about all of the real life difficulties that come with parenting and shares them to show other...
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Crying Baby

Home Alone: Is It EVER Okay to Leave Your Baby Alone?

Danielle and Michelle have been friends for 20 years, but they are in a fight right now. Danielle thinks Michelle is a horrible parent! Michelle has a 9 month old baby, and she hasn’t spent any time with her husband since the birth of her baby. Michelle thought it would be okay if she and her...
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Jenn and Her Kids

#ParentingForReal: Jeff Has Questions for Jenn

Jenn joked she was going to start a hashtag called #parentingforreal after her kid barfed all over her. She did it, and it is taking off! But Jeff has a question for Jenn about one parenting documenting their struggles just giving their kid breakfast! He doesn't think it's as much of a struggle as...
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Jenn #parentingforreal


Jenn talked about how her daughter threw up all over her and that no one ever shows the real side of parenting on social media. So, Jenn joked she was going to start a hashtag called #parentingforreal and post the picture of her kid's barf all over her. She did it, and it is taking off! It's time...
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Padded Bra for Kids: Necessity or Ridiculous?

​Why are padded bras for kids a thing? No, just no. Jenn & Producer Kelly nearly gave Jeff an anxiety attack while talking about the new padded bras designed for young girls this morning. Like, kindergarten young. Gross! Check out Jeff's reaction & what our listeners had to say right here:
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Dad and Kid Playing

Daddy Day Care: Listeners Share Their Crazy Stories

Jenn ranted about a dad who caught a baseball barehanded while holding his kid, and Jeff shared a story about what his friend did with his kid that was pretty crazy. So, our listeners called in with their own stories!
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Dad and Baby

Daddy Day Care: He Did What?!

The story got started when a dad at a Braves game caught a ball barehanded while holding his baby. That made Jenn so mad that she recorded her own rant! She couldn't believe that he would put the child's life in danger for a baseball. Jeff told his own story about what his friend did with his kid,...
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Kid in Car Seat

Bad Parent: Our Listeners Share Their Stories

There have been times where kids have been accidentally forgotten by their parents. Our listeners called in telling their stories of not only how they forgot their own kids, but they were also that child left behind by their mom and dad!
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