Meoweoke: The American Idol Edition

Can you guess what songs these American Idol audition hopefuls are meow-singing?
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No Lyric Karaoke

Because regular karaoke wasn't embarrassing enough
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Meow - E - Oke

Jeff & Jenn needed Kelly Cheese to come up with a fun game to play post-election. We give you, Meow-E-Oke. Meow-E-Oke
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Garth Brooks

Karaoke Gone Wrong

Melissa doesn't know what to do because every time her boyfriend performs karaoke, he sings a Garth Brooks song and she thinks it's BAD. The problem is that everyone else is givign him a thumbs up and encouraging him, so she has to lie when he asks how he did. She's afraid he is going to end up...
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