JP's Undie Run

Join JP for Cupid's Undie Run! To Support the Children's Tumor Foundation

Come out this Saturday! The first 94 people to join JP's team will get 20% off for the race.
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JP & Heidi Choose A Wedding Hashtag!

We asked YOU to help our director JP & his fiance Heidi come up with a wedding hashtag & today they revealed the winner!
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The Dirty Birds are Heading to the Big Game!

Saturday's win over Greenbay was a big day for Atlanta & for our Director JP. JP's friend Megan had a mic on the whole time recording her reactions to the game & the big win #priceless
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All The Feels!

It's Friday & you know what that means. It's time to give you All The Feels! All The Feels 01.20.17
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Haters on Helium

We've got haters & we've got helium. Time to read the haters comments & have a good laugh. Haters On Helium
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Jenn's Holiday Newsletter

Jenn got a holiday newsletter this week and it's from the stars of a viral video. Hm, wonder which viral video this could be? Jenns Holiday Newsletter
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A Holiday Newsletter From Ryan Lochte

Director JP got a holiday newsletter from his swimming buddy, and olypic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte. A Holiday Newsletter from Ryan Lochte
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A New Jeff & Jenn Show Holiday Tradition

Jeff had an idea for a new Jeff & Jenn Show holiday tradtion. A New Jeff and Jenn Show Holiday Tradition Were we the only ones crying laughing? A New Jeff and Jenn Show Holiday Tradition Calls Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!
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Behind The Scenes at Jingle Jam

Behind The Scenes at Jingle Jam with The Jeff & Jenn Show

Beth Keener and Greer Howard get down to business with the cast of the Jeff and Jenn Show backstage at Jingle Jam!
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Twitter brought all the laughs today with it's trending #HolidayPickUpLines Holiday Pick Up Lines Part 1 Our listeners called in with their own #HolidayPickUpLines Holiday Pick Up Lines Part 2
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