The Fake-Pregnancy Dumpster Fire

Wouldn't it be funny to FAKE a pregnancy?! No actually. Probably not. But Elizabeth thinks otherwise!
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Jeff's Kentucky Derby Joke

Jeff made a joke after the Kentucky Derby and the internet went a little nuts
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Where Is This Relationship Going: Her Brother Wants To Know

Jeremy wanted us to call his sister's boyfriend David to see where their relationship is going. Where Is This Relationship: Her Brother Wants To Know Part 1 We're not sure if David is going to take it as lightly as Jeremy thinks but we'll give it a shot. Where Is This Relationship Going Your...
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Job Joke

These Job Jokes Should Be Banned!!

There are people who have customer service jobs, and on the regular they hear the same joke at least 100 times a week! To you it’s funny, but to them is very annoying because they have to hear that joke EVERY DAY. So, we have decided to come up with a list of occupational jokes that should be...
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